The Apple VR headset can be extremely fragile due to its unique design

At WWDC 2023, Apple is expected to unveil the Apple VR headset – its pricey first foray into the VR space. We’ve previously heard that expensive components are the main reason why the VR headset is expected to be so expensive, but a new report points out that its design has also seen production costs skyrocket – and may also come with some durability issues.

After some unsubtle teasing from Apple (it invited some VR experts to WWDC 2023) and some leaks from top analysts detailing the high-end components of the VR goggles (including dual processors, 12 cameras, and an impressive micro-OLED display), it seems almost certain that the California tech giant will showcase a high-end VR headset at its next conference. Unfortunately, it’s likely to cost an arm and a leg, with the headset reportedly priced at $3,000 (around £2,200 / AU$4,400).

According to a new report from The Information, not only the quality of the components, but also their design contributes to the exorbitant price.

Render of a purported Apple Reality Pro headset (Image credit: Ian Zelbo)

The Information says it has seen some internal Apple renders for the headset that show it has a curved shape to better fit a person’s face. While this would potentially allow the headset to be worn more comfortably – and Apple would reduce its size compared to flatter designs that only curve the face padding – it also means that Apple had to curve the components inside the headset itself.

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