Wear OS may finally have its own Apple Watch beater, thanks to Oppo

Oppo will reportedly release the Oppo Watch 5 and Oppo Watch 5 Pro later this year, a pair of Wear OS watches that, like their predecessors, look very similar to the Apple Watch with its curved square display. The Oppo Watch Series 5 and 5 Pro, according to the leaks, will have almost twice the battery capacity of the Apple Watch Series 8, increasing its ability to use features such as sleep tracking.

Top Apple Watch models suffer from short battery life, though not as drastically as Apple would believe. For example, the Apple Watch Series 8 draws quite a lot from the 308mAh battery, only getting about 18 hours of juice from a full charge, judging by Apple’s estimates. However, in our Watch 8 review, we said: “In our initial testing, the Watch 8’s battery can last for 38 hours on a single full charge – far exceeding Apple’s 18-hour projection.” The Google Pixel Watch is no match for this, with just 24-26 hours of actual use.

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